CREE Activities at the IEA Congress in Florence

The triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association will take place in Florence, Italy, from 27th – 30th August this year. We would like to inform you of some offers that may interest you:

       CREE is offering a reduction of EURO 50 on the registration fee. If you did not receive a code for this from your local assessment board, please contact your national CREE representative.

       CREE is offering a networking apero for Eur.Ergs at 7 pm on Wednesday 29th  August. Please let the CREE general secretary know if you are interested in attending.

–   There will be a workshop on Sunday 26th that is free for certified ergonomists. The topic is improving presentation skills. For more information see here. It should be possible to register for the workshop over the IEA website, but you can also contact Maggie Graf.

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