The CREE directory

The Register of Ergonomists
Currently registered European Ergonomists are listed on this website, unless they have specifically requested that their details are not to be published. If you wish to check whether a person who is not on this list is currently registered you should contact the Secretary General.

The directory is updated twice per year, generally in July and December, following meetings of the CREE Council. Entries are retained in the directory of European Ergonomists for five years. If an application for renewal of registration has not been received by this time the entry will be removed.

Applicants for renewal need to demonstrate that they are still professionally active and have continued their professional development.

How to find a registered European Ergonomist
Search the registration directory by country (clicking the flag) or, to search for a particular European Ergonomist, by using the blue/white box under the flags, or by choosing the first letter of the Ergonomist’s family name below: